Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents involve all types of vehicles: rental cars, trucks, motorcycles, and freight transport. Brownell Partners, PLLC’s attorneys have experience counseling and representing intrastate and interstate companies and personal drivers in complex motor vehicle accidents. These cases range from soft tissue injuries to loss of limb and paralysis. Our defense of these suits involves quick responses by retaining expert accident reconstructionists and bio-mechanical experts to examine the accident scene and vehicles to gather the vehicle data and physical evidence necessary to defend the case. These data downloads and accident reconstructions often lead to a strong defense strategy prior to the case entering suit, and allow our clients to minimize potential exposure to these claims.

Brownell Partners, PLLC also handles priority of insurance coverage issues that arise out of motor vehicle accidents. Often, insurance companies dispute whether the driver’s policy, the vehicle owner’s policy, or another policy should be the primary policy for the lawsuit. We provide comprehensive evaluations of those insurance policies to protect our client’s rights and ensure that the culpable party’s policy is “first in line” for the claim.

Our clients include many self-insured companies with large auto fleets, trucking companies, and rental car companies, defending claims in both State and Federal courts.