Insurance Coverage

Brownell Partners represents the insurance industry in all phases of business, including claim handling and litigation. Our attorneys have handled both first-party and third-party claims as well as litigation involving brokers, agents and declaratory judgment actions. When asked a coverage question, our attorneys analyze the policy with an eye toward the provision, exclusion, limitation or clause that relates to the claim. We then advise the insurer on how best to proceed. Our attorneys have practiced in both state and federal courts throughout the United States and have handled matters involving catastrophic losses, such as the World Trade Center disaster and Hurricane Katrina in addition to other coverage issues of first impression relating to all-risk insurance policies. We have analyzed various other coverage issues, including timing and number of occurrences, nonfortuity, concurrent causes of loss. Our attorneys have also focused on the nature, scope and extent of business interruption coverage. We have also analyzed excess, bad faith and punitive damage claims in the context of both first and third-party coverage.